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Id: Brisket03

NOTE: This product cannot be bought online. Only available in the store. Frozen Goods. However, if you would like us to start dethawing this product for you, for pick-up at a later date, please give us a call. 66 77 92 00
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Id: Brisket03


Thaw, rub, smoke, enjoy! The brisket has two muscles, Point and Flat. The Point has the meat which has the best integrated fat between the meat fibers. The Flat is leaner, but still very nicely integrated on these Prime Briskets. If done right, there is nothing like a smoked brisket. Remember that it takes approximately 3 days to thaw this hunk of meat in the fridge. You will need somewhere between 10-12 hours to smoke it to 90C. Resting time should be at least 3 hours. However, this holds very well in the fridge and you can even freeze down already smoked meat for a later occation.